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Atlanta Cleaning Service

Atlanta Cleaning Service

This premise is valid for residential, apartments and commercial buildings: A clean environment is not only rewarding and healthy for the inhabitants of the house; it is also a mandatory element in marketing policies and an additional motivational factor for the staff working in the building.

A thorough cleaning is more than a routine job like vacuuming or shaking the dust off furniture and shop windows; it involves removing the dust, spilled liquids, dirt carried on shoes, moisture, bacteria and odors.

Our work has the aim of recovering the beauty of the place and eliminating all elements that can cause discomfort, allergies and diseases to residents at home, or customers and workers in offices and commercial buildings.

A Reliable Company

Cleaning services demand dedication, knowledge and experience; These services should be entrusted to a registered company that has the personnel and equipment required to provide an excellent service.

In Atlanta, Georgia, you can trust our company to provide you with the best cleaning service. At Atlanta Maintenance Services, we are a family business with fifteen years of experience. Each member of the team brings knowledge and work, to fulfill our commitments with honesty and excellence.

  • We provide cleaning services in Atlanta.
  • We have the logistics and the specialized equipment to get the job done using the best cleaning products available on the market.
  • We collect the trash, vacuum, clean bathrooms, mop floors, clean windows and more in residences, offices, schools, temples, restaurants, supermarkets, and wherever we are needed.
  • We have the capacity to become your professional cleaning staff and, if you prefer, we can have personnel at your disposal daily, so your organization’s building will always be clean and looking good.
  • We will be present day or night, according to your needs and possibilities.

Do you need cleaning services for residential, apartments, offices or corporate buildings in Atlanta? We can provide them to you. We are located in Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb and all over the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, GA. We invite you to contact us through our website, our e-mail or calling us at 404 933-8901 or 404 337-5997.

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