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Office Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Office Cleaning Services in Atlanta

If the average of “everything goes by sight” is met, it is to understand the pleasant satisfaction of everyone who enters a clean, welcoming and germ-free office.

The cleaning contributes to raise the spirit, to protect the mental and physical health of bosses and subordinates and, with it, to create an environment good for the visits that arrive in order to contract a professional service or to realize a business it also gives value added to the property.

A professional cleaning job includes taking care of office floors and the waiting room, dusting and cleaning shelves, desks, chairs and other furniture; cleaning the bathrooms and removing the garbage.

Employees or contractors?

Cleaning is a job that can be entrusted to an employee or a group of employees, although it will always be more advantageous to hire a company that deals with everything, so that the owner or tenant of the office is released from unnecessary obligations, as:

  • Possible occupational accidents, because the cleaning company has its own insurance.
  • The saturation of work during peak hours and the loss of time when the flow of people decreases. The cleaning company is able to decrease or increase the shift work equipment, according to the needs.
  • Purchase of equipment and supplies. Cleaning companies are prepared with the equipment that is needed for every need.

At Atlanta Maintenance Service we are a family business, specializing in cleaning services, with a long history in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA.

We are able to provide our services during daytime or night time, during ordinary working hours or at the times that are most convenient for your company.

When it comes to large-scale work, it is usually charged per hour in a single job, the first time, to estimate the costs of a regular service, in the medium or long term. Estimates are given free of charge.

We are in the counties of Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, Georgia. If you require more details about our company and our work, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website, our e-mail address or telephone numbers 404 933-8901 or 404 337-5997.

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