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Cleaning carpets for homes in Atlanta

Cleaning carpets for homes in Atlanta

Although the make our houses look beautiful and give comfort to its inhabitants, carpets can gather dust, humidity, impurities, insects and other elements that undermine the good appearance of our environment and the health of the people.

Cleaning the carpets should it is not just another daily task; it is also necessary to use the appropriate devices, utensils and product so that the carpets are kept flawless and free of substances and polluting elements.

Due to the delicacy of its materials and fabrics, deep cleaning carpets requires a specialized company that gives the carpets the treatment they deserve to extend their useful life.

When the carpet has stains caused by spilled substances, it is necessary to apply a pretreatment with cleaning products of the highest quality in order to avoid secondary damages.

A prewash phase is also required to remove grease and other substances attached to the fabric and a drying process to extract as much water as possible to prevent moisture from causing damage and odors.

Atlanta Maintenance Service offers you the carpet cleaning  service you need, our staff will advise you whether or not your residence needs a deep carpet cleaning because of the dirt carried by shoes and air, children’s accidents, pet hairs or damage caused by moisture.

We offer you in-person quotations, after the valuation of the work, and we do not establish minimum sizes to provide the service. If you are interested in learning more about our service or you need to clean your house carpet, please contact us. We are here to serve you, we are located at Gwinnett, Fulton and Cobb counties, Georgia.

We invite you to contact us through our website, our e-mail or calling our phone numbers 404 933-8901 or 404 337-5997.

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