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Cleaning, waxing, polishing and appropriate treatments are crucial factors to beautify the floors and add years of life to them.

A routine of waxing and polishing is required to give a rejuvenating glow that raises smiles on your visitors and confirms your commitment to the quality of your service and the attention to your customers.

But, although a work of cleaning, waxing, and careful luster is done, over time, accumulations and encrustations of wax and dirt particles that must be removed will occur.

Atlanta Maintenance Service has the staff, equipment, and appropriate cleaning products to remove dirt and grease that make look old and disfigure the floors, including those made of wood, granite, marble or ceramic.

We remove the old wax and we wax it again; we maintain and polish waxed floors in any type of materials or places like schools, gyms, restaurants, churches, clinics, doctor’s offices.

We offer free estimates without obligation; it will depend on the client if he prefers our services with or without a contract, along with the advantages our 24 hours a day service provides.

If you need more details about our company and our work just contact us, we are located at Gwinnett, Fulton and Cobb counties, in the state of Georgia, we are looking forward to serving you.

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